Increased security and transparency.

Strategic alliances play an important role in all sectors and industries nowadays. Among other things, these alliances have much to offer when it comes to processing financial and payment flows between the participating partners.

As a central payment bank, ETRIS BANK helps connect the member companies with the contractual suppliers of E/D/E. We offer all central payment partners a fast and simple invoicing service.

Secure payments and deliveries

Together with E/D/E, we assume del credere liability in relation to contractual suppliers. This means we vouch for all goods deliveries and services. In other words, we provide the E/D/E members with payment security regarding any liabilities they may have with E/D/E contractual suppliers.

Processing payments at a single location

ETRIS BANK ensures that payment processes are quick and efficient. To this end, we use a variety of systems, including the electronic invoicing program ZR-Online from our parent company, E/D/E. ZR-Online offers you a wide range of different services that simplify the processing of payments and provide you with information on the items you order. All of these services are conveniently provided at a single, central location.

Saving time and money

This service from ETRIS BANK reduces the workload of your company’s accounting department. Because more and more tasks can be processed electronically, information is reaching the intended destination more quickly and efficiently than ever before. This saves you time and money while increasing security.